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April 01, 2021 2 min read

The last year has been difficult for many of us, which makes it such a good time to teach our children about kindness. Kindness comes in many forms and acts, it could be the very thing that that lightens someone’s entire mood. It could be as simple as a smile or as big as a donation of time or essentials. Everyone has struggled in the last year and maybe we’ve been a bit slack on the amount of kindness we share with others. But honestly, when we give kindness we receive smiles and those smiles are contagious.

  1. Make a card or piece of art for a friend/family member
  2. Bake a treat for a neighbour or friend
  3. Donate near new toys to kids in need
  4. Thank your librarian
  5. Call a grandparent to tell them you love them
  6. Bring a treat to your teacher
  7. Do a chore without being asked
  8. Pick up rubbish and put it in the bin
  9. Say thank you to your bus driver
  10. Offer to help a younger student at school if they are struggling
  11. Leave notes of encouragement around
  12. Tell someone you love why you are grateful for them
  13. Plant a tree
  14. Hold the door open for someone
  15. Set the table for dinner
  16. Donate colouring books and crayons to a children’s hospital
  17. Use your allowance to purchase a small toy to be donated
  18. Donate new and near new clothes to charity
  19. Share a toy with a friend
  20. Donate old books to a community library
  21. Send a postcard to a friend
  22. Leave painted stones at the park with nice messages for others to find
  23. Say thank you to your servers
  24. Put your toys away
  25. Let someone go ahead of you in line
  26. Bring an extra snack for a friend at lunch
  27. Say good job to a friend or classmate
  28. Say thank you to your parents when they take you to your friends
  29. Play with someone new
  30. Let a sibling go first
  31. Give a compliment
  32. Leave a thank you note
  33. Make a pretty book mark and leave it in a library book you’ve returned
  34. Thank those who help at lunch at school
  35. Read a book to a younger sibling
  36. Share with your sibling(s)
  37. Put water in your pets bowl if it low or empty
  38. Give an extra hug to your parents
  39. Pick up rubbish on the playground and put it in the bin
  40. Tell a joke to someone who is sad
  41. Offer a hug to a friend or classmate who is upset
  42. Include kids who may not have as many friends as you
  43. Pick flowers for someone you care about
  44. Help your parents cook dinner
  45. Take turns picking games to play on the playground
  46. Show kindness to animals
  47. Help water the plants
  48. Get yourself ready for bed without being asked
  49. Offer to help put away the groceries
  50. Smile 😊

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