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May 28, 2021 2 min read

This week is Australian made week and Awakind is proud to be amongst many Australian companies that wear the Australian made logo with pride. Awakind was founded first and foremost, as an Australian Made company. Once we started finding local manufacturers and could physically see the people to whom we were giving our business, we knew we had made the right choice. We are a certified Australian made company and show the Australian Made logo with pride.

There are many benefits to buying Australian made products. When buying Australian made the money you are spending goes back into the local economy. It goes to all the people and companies that produced the product for you, the consumer. In a time of a global pandemic, with so many people out of work and struggling, the importance of supporting our own economy is vital. When we use Australian based suppliers, it cuts down on shipping costs and production time. Australia holds high standards for quality and safety, which are set in law and must be upheld. 

When buying our Awakind pyjamas you are supporting several Australians.  You would be surprised to see how many people go into the production and delivery of a single pair of pyjamas. It all starts with an idea that gets sent to Chelsea, our pattern maker in Sydney. She then creates a pattern based on the idea that goes to Michelle, our sample maker. Michelle takes the pattern and turns it into a sample which is then tried on and marked up for changes. Once the sample is perfect, we take it to Tom, our manufacturer who takes the sample and makes our order of pyjamas with his team at his factory. Once we have our pyjamas from Tom, we take photos of them on Australian models with our photographer Peter. We use Peter’s photographs for advertising and once we get a sale, we go to our local post office, where we are greeted by Graham who mails the pyjamas to our customers. 

These are our reasons for striving to be an Australian made brand. We are proud and grateful for all the Australians that make up our little company and we hope to continue to work together with them for many years to come.


Here are a few of the Australian faces who make up Awakind...



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