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All designs are developed by myself, hand drawn, then turn into digital patterns by my pattern maker and then given to my manufacturer to make a sample. Once the sample is made the fitting process begins and we test the style and make on various people and various ages. The pattern and samples continue to evolve until I am happy with every aspect and we have 100% positive feedback from our testers. The whole process can take between 6-12 months depending on the style, fit etc.

I have spent many years searching for the right manufacturers in Australia. After much searching and much trial and error, I have established good relationships with 3-4 different manufacturers in Sydney. I now work closely with two key manufacturers to ensure that we can continue to make our products in small batches and maintain the high quality we expect. Having our manufacturers in Sydney means we can work closely with them, we drop in regularly and can personally check the quality as products are being made and ethical practices of staff. Producing locally means we are able to support local business and proactive work for the fashion community and industry in Australia.

The above quote summarises our ethos @Awakind. Caring for children means caring and protecting the world that they will inherit, which is why we are committed to producing high-quality products with a focus on sustainable materials and practices.

Bamboo is a great fabric for your body for many reasons and it's also an eco-friendly resource that looks out for Mother Earth. When bamboo is produced the water used is recycled, making it a water conserving resource. It is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It needs little to no help from us to regenerate, which is great because that means it doesn't use nasty pesticides or chemicals in its production, which is why it’s naturally organic. Bamboo detoxifies the air we breathe. It produces 30% more oxygen than the equivalent amount of trees, absorbing more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases than trees do.

We also love to use cotton as it’s a great natural, breathable fibre that is perfect for sleepwear.
However we only work with organic cotton. Organic cotton is a good sustainable solution, which is grown without the use of pesticides, from seeds which have not been genetically modified. Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals while aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources. The benefits are clear; using fewer pesticides means that the health of workers improves dramatically, communities can live in relative health with access to clean water and food supplies, and the land has a longer lifespan because it is not being damaged by chemical.

We have 3 main considerations when choosing our charity partners;

Proven expertise – We look for organisations that have proven their ability to have a sustained impact. Transparency in their contribution and impact is essential as well as an innovative mindset in creating real sustainable change. Our charity partners have been in business for a long time, have a proven track record and continue to do good.

Balance of local and global – We aim to look after the children in our own backyard as well as partner with those organisations who are tackling the tough global issues. Most importantly we work with partners who have deep relationships with the places they work and local contacts and presence on the ground.

Sustainable change – Homelessness is a complex problem that can’t be solved by treating the problem alone, however getting to the root cause is also incredible complex and overwhelming. We work with partners who are able to support immediate needs like emergency housing for families, as well as providing support and programs for prevention i.e. education to at risk parents

Awakind’s business model is based on those who have come before us like the amazing brands; ThankYou, Toms, Who Gives a Crap. These are all social enterprises who use the sale of consumer goods to raise funds for charity. I have built this business on the same approach. We sell pyjamas and loungewear. We take the sale of these products and minus the costs of the business (i.e. sampling, pattern making, fabric, manufacturing, postage, advertising, etc) and we are left with the profits. 100% of these profits are then donated to our charity partners. As is common with many businesses, the first few years are challenging to turn over a profit, so our donations are made despite our low profits. We believe that as the business grows, so will our contribution and we will be able to make a sizeable impact. It’s important to note that unlike other business owners, I do not run personal expenses through this business such as travel, car, phone bills etc.

We recommend a gentle cool machine was with similar colours and a gentle bio-degradable detergent. Awakind PJs can be dried in the sun however to maintain the brightness of colours, it’s often best to dry them in the shade. We recommend you do no tumble dry as the fabric is light and delicate, however if you do need to, please use the lowest coolest setting or set to delicates. Iron on low setting if you please and do not dry clean.

We recommend a gentle warm machine was with similar colours and a gentle bio-degradable detergent. We recommend you do no tumble dry as organic cotton can shrink, however if you do need to, please use the lowest coolest setting or set to delicates. Iron on low setting if you please and do not dry clean.

Our carrier is Australia Post eParcel.

We ship from Australia and we ship to most countries around the world.

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We’ll also arrange or reimburse for return postage of the incorrect item. Email: info@awakind.co

Email: info@awakind.co