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How it all began...

After having my own kids, like most parents, I probably became more aware of the imperfect world they were entering and at the same time overwhelmed by the issues they would encounter and face in their lifetimes. I try to make good informed choices about what we buy, wear, eat etc. and do the right thing in any way we can. That in itself seems like a mission amongst the day to day dramas of parenting and life.

As a mother I also developed a heightened sensitivity towards the innocence and fragility of childhood. I often felt overwhelmed by the growing issues facing children around the world, especially those not afforded the same basic rights and safety as my own. Determined to help others less fortunate, I started to search for ways in which I could do my part, big or small.

Sometime later, whilst I was searching for quality, ethically produced and well-designed pj's for my kids, I realised there weren't many options. I found myself searching beyond the standard two piece sets or gender stereotype prints for something that could take a couple of cycles in the washing machine and be made from fabrics wouldn’t self combust in sunlight! None, in my mind, could I take the kids down to the shops in - because I'd forgotten the milk for tomorrows cereal. It struck me that kid's clothes had evolved, but pj's hadn't changed with the times.

These were the founding motivations for Awakind. To create a brand that challenges the status quo in sleepwear, where the profits are used to fund homes for children in real need. Homes that give vulnerable children much needed care, shelter and a safe place to sleep. It became my mission to build a better world through something we all do every night…sleep!